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  • Eric Marshburn

July 2022

Recently, I came across this piece, “Why I Am A United Methodist,” which was written by Blake Lasater, a United Methodist pastor from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He articulates so much of what I have come to believe that I thought I’d share it here for your reflection.

“Because we see flowers where others see weeds. It’s all about grace and seeing people as children of God; it’s not about “us” and “them”, and a God that needs defending, but a world that needs to be loved. It is about open hearts, open minds, and open doors, and though we are not perfect we are on that road to perfection. We hold as our mentors Good Samaritans and Prodigal sons, faithful prostitutes and generous widows, unclean lepers and thieves on a cross. We realize we are all that strange mixture of Saint and sinner. It’s never about being right but always about doing right. Our mission is not to defend the church but simply to do all the good we can, to all the people we can, in all the ways we can, as long as we can. We see flowers where others see weeds, because we figured out long ago that we were weeds that someone watered with grace and love. In a world that sees only weeds to be pulled, I am thankful for a church filled with God’s grace that sees things in a different light.”

Elaine Heath utilizes the “weeds/flowers” paradigm in her book, God Unbound: Wisdom From Galatians for the Anxious Church through the example of the dandelion metaphor.

“Beloved church, can we agree to let God have our anxiety? God knows how hard it is for us to let go. We simply have to be willing to be made willing. Just a tiny degree of openness allows God to work with us – like dandelion seeds. They blow on the wind, fall into every crack in the asphalt – and before you know it a parking lot is in full bloom. Church, do you realize we are on the cusp of a new Great Awakening? And it looks like a spiritual dandelion explosion as far as the eye can see…”

A dandelion explosion as far as the eye can see! I’m not sure I will ever look at dandelions quite the same way again…

Blessings & Peace!

Pastor Eric

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