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  • Eric Marshburn

October 2023

And He said to him, “Get up and go on your way. Your faith (your trust and confidence that spring from your belief in God) has restored you…” Luke 17:19 AMP

Signs of new life and restoration are beginning to spring up among us and around us at every turn. As Barbara Brown Taylor reminds us, “the good news is always beginning somewhere in the world, for those with ears to hear and hearts (ready) to go wherever The Way may lead.”

According to Dr. Luke, Jesus once encountered a gaggle of lepers; and in the encounter, we learn that Jesus: saw the lepers at a distance; heard their cries for mercy; and commanded the lepers to go and show themselves to the local priests. And then we watch as Doctor Luke writes on the patients’ charts: “As they were going to show themselves to the priests – as they went on their Way … they were cured….”

According to Luke, the word these lepers shouted together at Jesus was: “Mercy!” – that is – “Rabbi (Master/Teacher) Jesus – have compassion, – show mercy on us.” Luke seems to imply that these lepers would probably have been satisfied with the spare change in the cup by your bedside table. Like most of us, they had lowered their bar of expectation. They were trying to get by but not expecting to get well.

We are reminded that those who die with Jesus will rise with Jesus. It still happens – and often very unexpectedly. Somewhere along the way we realize that: Jesus has restored us; is restoring us; will restore us.

Anne Lamott describes it this way:

“Amazing things appear in our lives, almost out of nowhere – landscapes, seascapes, forgiveness – and they keep happening – so many vistas and so much healing to give thanks for. Even when we don’t co-operate, blessings return to our lives, even as in the aftermath of tragedy. Things get a little better when we ask for help. People help us. Most astonishing of all, people forgive us, and we eventually forgive them. Talk about miracles—the kids turn out to be okay after all. The widow finally gets back on her feet. If you’re like me, you ask (God) for help, and then cause further need for help by procrastinating, or refusing to cooperate with simple instructions that follow sincere petition.” (You know like: “Have mercy on us” and “Get up and go on your way.”) And yet, even so, grace, progress, blessings continue to be given to you because God gives … it’s what God’s does.”

So, what are we waiting for? Jesus sees us right now, right where we are. He still hears our cries for help and knows our need for his compassion. Jesus infuses our desperation with a healthy jolt of get-up-and-go— “Get up and go your way; your faith has restored you.” In fact, it’s on the way where we are restored, made whole, healed, saved … all through the power of Jesus. Selah!

Blessings & Peace!

Pastor Eric

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